Jonsa OneSolution

The Brief

Foxtel is a major entity in the Australian media landscape, providing a diverse paid television service to regional and metropolitan Australia over cable, satellite and broadband distribution. The Foxtel TV Centre at Macquarie Park in Sydney is home to the company’s subscription TV operations, studios, broadcast operations, cable and satellite transmission facilities.

Foxtel called upon JONSA for a fully integrated fit-out of its headquarters with SMATV and MATV feeds going to hundreds of outlets throughout the multi-purpose building, as well as a dedicated distribution system for the Foxtel Master Control Room.

The Challenge

Meeting the requirements and expectations of one of the country’s most progressive media companies drove JONSA’s desire to provide exceptional service as system integrator. Given the size of the project, along with the number of outlets within the multi-purpose building, providing Foxtel with the best design possible was an overriding challenge.

The Outcome

In partnership with Foxtel Engineering, the JONSA OneSolution team designed, supplied and installed a new fully integrated system comprised of antennae systems, cabling, and 5-wire distribution equipment for FTA and Foxtel services. It is imperative that the system does not go down; hence Foxtel specified the high performance JONSA range of products.

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